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Scholarship funding is central to the New Century Campaign. With a goal to raise $100 million for endowed scholarships and outreach, it will ensure the best and brightest minds are drawn to and thrive on our campus.

At UWA, there is no greater priority than ensuring a transformative educational experience through which all students, regardless of means, may step into their destiny as contributing global citizens. We are committed to creating a dynamic learning environment, rich in opportunities for personal as well as intellectual growth.

Jhenn Javier

My scholarship has lessened the financial pressure about uni fees. Scholarships give people like me this opportunity. I believe every person deserves this.

Jhenn Javier, Fairway UWA Swans Scholarship

Providing a home on campus

With residential scholarships, students receive the gift of a complete campus experience – the room to explore life and learning in the company of peers, free from the financial worry of accommodation expenses.

Rewarding excellence

Recognising and rewarding excellence is critical to demonstrating our commitment to scholastic excellence. Hard-working, high-achieving students deserve to know that their efforts are valued, as is their performance. These are the research stars and community leaders of the future and they merit applause.

Aspire UWA

The New Century Campaign will extend our unique outreach program, Aspire UWA, which aims to make university a viable goal for disadvantaged Western Australian students. These are youth with academic potential, who may not have considered continuing their education beyond high school.

Fairway UWA

UWA’s access program, Fairway, provides a range of support initiatives for students in Years 11 and 12 from disadvantaged backgrounds. Working closely with schools, we identify promising students who would most benefit from a residential summer school geared to hands-on discovery of university life.

Music Tuition Scholarship Fund

The UWA School of Music’s mission is to teach and inspire exceptional artistic and academic students, regardless of their social and economic status, to realise their highest potential.

Learning beyond the classroom

The classroom, lecture theatre and lab are core educational constructs. Beyond them, though, lies the experiential learning that comes with real-world research, field trips and discovery.

International exchange

UWA has entered into formal agreements with more than 200 institutions worldwide for study abroad during second or third year. In addition, there are life-altering opportunities for students to volunteer overseas during term breaks, building their sense of community service and enhancing UWA’s international reputation.

SOS Fund

For students without access to family support in emergency situations, we seek to endow the SOS Fund, providing critical assistance for those with urgent financial need. Emergency funds donated by The Centenary Trust for Women has already proven invaluable to women students in crisis.

First in the Family

For those who are the first in their family to embark on tertiary education, it can be a daunting experience, but one that promises great reward.

Mature-age Indigenous Scholarships

The year-long Advanced Diploma in Indigenous Legal Studies and the Advanced Diploma in Medical and Aboriginal Health Sciences provide new University entry points for mature-age Indigenous students.

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