Research Endowment - Investment in new frontiers

UWA's cutting edge research will address global challenges and create a better world. Research initiatives are aimed at:

  • Feeding the world’s population;
  • Sustaining health and wellbeing;
  • Designing liveable cities;
  • Understanding and caring for our precious environment;
  • Increasing cultural understanding; and
  • Expanding enterprise and innovation in a global, knowledge based economy within the burgeoning Asian Zone.

Professor Robyn Owens

UWA research will continue to find real solutions and achieve global impact, creating a better future.

Professor Robyn Owens, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

The power of endowments

In 1957, Perth entrepreneur, Mary Raine, changed the course of medical history when she entrusted her property empire to UWA through a bequest with which UWA established The Raine Medical Research Foundation. Through Mary’s gift, worth $1 million at the time and now valued at $30 million, UWA set a course of medical research in Western Australia to flourish.

The Raine Medical Research Foundation has supported scores of major medical research projects, funded two centres of excellence, established fellowships and scholarships, and fostered international collaboration, including major joint ventures.

To think that one visionary bequest could put such wheels in motion.

Support the next generation of changemakers

Through the New Century Campaign, we aim to mirror the success of The Raine Medical Research Foundation and build the UWA research endowment for future changemakers and academic leaders.

With a lasting source of income, we will create a hub of innovation in Western Australia, drawing the greatest minds in the world to our campus.

Our research endowment ensures that UWA has the flexibility to support emerging fields of research and create a future of health and prosperity for all.

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