Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA)

EZONE UWA is designed to equip Western Australia and the world with engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians who can solve far-ranging problems that arise in multiple disciplines. A revolutionary research, teaching and learning facility, it will combine the talent, technology and equipment required to make a real and lasting difference.

Professor John Dell

EZONE UWA will push the limits in collaborative learning and research, and empower people to change the world.

Winthrop Professor John Dell, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Empowering people to change the world

Based on the overarching principle of collaborative creativity, EZONE UWA will develop UWA’s strong expertise, and create spaces for innovative multidisciplinary education and research. It will enrich Western Australia’s engineering capacity and boost our economy, stimulating new business and industries. It will create a prosperous future for all Australians.

EZONE UWA will attract the world’s best researchers, and will allow UWA to cement its reputation as the global leader in Engineering for Remote Operations. In the future, UWA graduates will continue to be the most sought-after of any in the world.

Create the future by supporting the EZONE UWA

With central hubs at UWA’s Crawley Campus, Shenton Park and Technology Park, Bentley, we have an unprecedented network of engaging, fully-equipped and open spaces. Building EZONE UWA requires the largest investment in engineering education in Western Australia’s history: a $250 million game-changing stake, from multiple sources, that will feed the knowledge economy and put UWA at the top of the engineering echelon.

We invite you to create the future by supporting this bold and ambitious vision.

Empower the people who will change the world.

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