People's Choice Award

People's Choice Award

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Alumni Fund Grants are making a difference to the student experience at UWA.
Congratulations to all 2018 grant recipients!

Parenting Study Room in Reid Library
University Library

This project will benefit UWA students who are juggling parental responsibilities and study, allowing them to care for their children while being able to continue studying effectively on campus.

In 2017, the Student Guild carried out a survey of parenting students. Feedback indicated that students struggled to find spaces to parent and study on campus. The Alumni Fund grant will help create a Parenting Study Room in Reid Library to address this need. The dedicated space will include breastfeeding facilities, pram-parking, children’s area, collaborative parent study zones and basic kitchenette facilities.

This space will allow students with parenting responsibilities to more actively engage in their learning on campus and increase the likelihood of completing their studies.

The UWA PhD Student Resilience Pilot Project
School of Psychological Science

There are currently 2,000 PhD students at UWA with 450 new enrolments each year. While the postgraduate experience offers rich opportunities for educational and personal growth, it inevitably exposes students to stressful challenges.

Grant funding will help pilot an online program designed to help PhD students to face adversity, cope with stress and build their resilience. This will assist students in getting the most out of their PhD and ultimately help prepare them for successful careers.

This project will lay the foundation for an ongoing program, in partnership between the UWA School of Psychological Science, Graduate Research School, the Postgraduate Student Association and the Office of Student Life.

Foundational Year of Women in EMS UWA
Women in Engineering and Mathematical Sciences UWA (WiEMS UWA)

The Alumni Fund Grant will help support the newly founded WiEMS UWA student club and allow them to run events aimed at creating a community that empowers women studying subjects in the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Studies.

The club will organise their first Volleyball Networking event that will connect women in EMS with inspiring industry leaders whilst also encouraging a fun and socially inclusive culture. WiEMS UWA will run many varied events throughout the year including LinkedIn workshops and Women in Start-up events.

The Women in EMS UWA club will engage students with people in industry, encourage networking, support an inclusive culture in EMS and help offer support to women throughout their studies.

Bringing the DNA molecule to life through Augmented Reality
School of Molecular Sciences

Using state of the art Augmented Reality (AR) technology, students will create AR simulations that will bring to life the DNA Molecule for students and visitors to UWA’s Bayliss Building.

AR simulations will provide first year Chemistry and Human Biology students the opportunity to create AR simulations of DNA each year. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to design, develop and test the AR simulations under the mentorship of academics from different schools at UWA.

The project will enhance student learning, giving them a unique understanding of the biological molecule, and bring science to life for everyone who visits the iconic Bayliss building.

UWA Guild Food Pantry
UWA Student Assist and Welfare Department

In 2013, Universities Australia surveyed 12,000 full time students and found that two-thirds live below the poverty line and that one in five students go without meals.

The Alumni Fund grant will help the UWA Students Assist and Welfare team to provide basic, short term food relief for UWA students experiencing food insecurity and poverty.

By providing access to food, some financial pressure is removed, so students can remain active and engaged in their studies without worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

Working with trained social workers, the team will also be able to provide holistic support for those at risk of disengaging from study due to poverty, and ensure every student at UWA has the support they need to succeed, despite their challenges.

Bringing the Nedlands campus back to life
Health Students' Society UWA

This project is aimed at revitalising the learning environment for all students at the UWA Nedlands Campus, a hub for students from various disciplines, including the School of Population Health.

With the help of grant funding, the students from the Health Students' Society UWA are committed to transforming the campus’ outdoor areas to benefit all current and future students to come.

This includes: installing much-needed outdoor seating and furniture, featuring student artwork, sporting equipment to encourage physical activity and creating community greenspaces. The revitalised spaces will help to encourage social connectedness, alleviate student stress and give all students the space to collaborate and learn effectively.

Multicultural Week: Spring Feast
Multicultural Week student group

Multicultural Week (MCW) celebrates and promotes multiculturalism, an important part of UWA as a culturally diverse campus. Year-round, the MCW students work tirelessly to promote inclusion and diversity through numerous student and community events. This includes the annual UWA Spring Feast, bringing together friends and family to celebrate and embrace multiculturalism.

In 2018, Spring Feast engaged more than 5,000 staff, students, graduates and community members, with exciting performances and over 45 stalls of delicious food from all backgrounds. Thanks to the Alumni Fund grant, MCW look forward to leading the UWA festivities for another year, celebrating UWA’s multicultural community.

An Online Health and Well-being Program for Students
School of Population and Global Health

The transition to university is a stressful time for students, especially for those without direct access to support. This program will develop, pilot and evaluate an innovative online health and well-being program for commencing students at UWA.

This project directly addresses the challenges students face when they start university, such as: how to overcome stress, managing time, maintaining physical activity and nutrition, finding extra support on campus, and how to make the most of their time at university.

The program will be piloted with students commencing in Semester 1 2019, helping them to overcome unique transitional challenges and improving students’ overall health.