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Why Donate?

The Marshall Centre’s goal is to identify, understand and prevent infectious diseases.

Our outstanding teams also work hard communicating science in the community to improve the health of all Western Australians, including our broader population, both today and for future generations. 

Donations from the community and charitable partners enable us to continue the important work done at the Centre and we gratefully acknowledge our existing supporters, including:

  • The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation
  • The McCusker Charitable Foundation
  • The Trustee for Sybil Gibbons Wife of Wylie Masonic Memorial Trust Fund

These donations have already facilitated exciting new research and specialist technology. Support from groups and individuals like these are vital to continue working towards our goals.

We welcome your support towards a particular research theme, or to the ongoing work undertaken by our dedicated team.

Our donation form is currently unavailable.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact Kate McKenzie via kate.mckenzie@uwa.edu.au.


For more information about our research and public health programs, please email marshallcentre@uwa.edu.au

To discuss how your donation can make a difference, please email kate.mckenzie@uwa.edu.au