The Benefactor Wall

The University of Western Australia was founded on the bold vision and generosity of Sir John Winthrop Hackett more than 100 years ago. Since then, many individuals and organisations have followed in his footsteps, all playing a crucial role in shaping UWA into the world-class institution it is today.

By investing in UWA, our benefactors have supported more than 100,000 graduates to believe in themselves and go out into local and global communities as leaders of positive change. They have fuelled the drive and imagination of thousands of researchers and made UWA’s continued success possible. Their stories are inspiring and heart-warming.

In celebration of the outstanding contribution of the University’s significant donors, UWA launched its Benefactor Wall in 2015, located opposite the entrance to Winthrop Hall and under the arches of the Vice-Chancellery.

Benefactor Wall 2016 Update

Major Benefactors of the University

The University of Western Australia acknowledges the generosity of the following significant donors on the Benefactor Wall:

  • Sir John Winthrop Hackett
  • Robert Gledden
  • Athelstan Saw
  • Carnegie Corporation
  • David Bunny
  • James and Ellen Withnell
  • Boans
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Hubert and Frances Whitfeld
  • Mary Raine
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Cuming Smith and Mount Lyell Farmers Fertilisers
  • William McGillivray
  • Nuffield Foundation
  • Frederick Hadley
  • Ernest and Evelyn Havill Shacklock
  • Grain Pool of WA
  • Sir Edward and Lady Beatrice Lefroy
  • Western Mining Corporation
  • Muscular Dystrophy Research Association of WA
  • Sir Thomas Wardle
  • Paul Sobotka
  • George Milne
  • Frieda Neumann
  • Alvina King
  • William Craig
  • Ted Rischbieth
  • Albert Gild
  • Joe and Rose Skinner
  • Ada Bartholomew
  • Sir Anthony and Lady Callista Lefroy
  • Eileen Joyce
  • William Nelson
  • Patrick Healy
  • Edith Gordon
  • Lancelot Prior
  • Lions Save-Sight Foundation WA
  • Julian and Irena Alter
  • Geoffrey Robinson
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Lawrence Wilson
  • Wanda and Zygmunt Horawicz
  • Lord Alistair McAlpine
  • Sigurd Ohman
  • Robert and Janet Holmes à Court
  • Edith Tattersall
  • Sir Eric Smart
  • AMP Society
  • Albert Maller
  • Christopher Vargovic
  • Variety – the Children’s Charity of WA
  • Jean Rogerson
  • Woodside
  • Ronald and Catherine Berndt
  • Frank Gamblen
  • North West Shelf Venture
  • The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation
  • Cassamarca Foundation
  • Cancer Council WA
  • Harold Schenberg
  • Haruhisa Handa
  • John Matthews
  • James Trevelyan and Samina Yasmeen
  • James and Terri Zadko Family
  • Arthur Finn
  • Leah Cohen
  • John Harriott
  • Margaret Loman-Hall
  • Wesfarmers
  • Brettney and Annie Fogarty, Fogarty Foundation
  • Sir James and Lady Sheila Cruthers
  • Brightspark Foundation
  • Jean Kahan
  • Alcoa of Australia
  • Eileen Jenkins
  • David Newby
  • The University Club
  • Harold and Margaret Clough
  • BHP Billiton
  • Chevron Australia
  • Edith Cockell
  • John Elsey
  • Clough
  • Muriel Horsfall
  • Charles Morgan
  • William and Marlene Schrader Trust
  • John Jackson
  • Monadelphous Group
  • Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  • Goodeve Foundation
  • Marjorie Le Souef
  • Robert Telford
  • Michael Chaney
  • Kimberley Foundation Australia
  • Jack and Eleanor Bendat, Bendat Family Foundation
  • Rio Tinto
  • Lotterywest
  • Channel 7 Telethon Trust
  • Jim Buckee
  • Committee for Perth
  • Jean Callander
  • Joyce Chapple
  • Reta Thornton
  • Andrew and Nicola Forrest, Minderoo Foundation
  • Gregory Poche and Kay van Norton Poche
  • Shell Australia
  • Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation
  • JDRF Australia
  • Jack Tiddy
  • Mary Dillon
  • Mannkal Economic Education Foundation
  • Malcolm, Carolyn and Tonya McCusker, McCusker Charitable Foundation
  • Iluka Resources
  • Ernst and Young
  • UWA Centenary Trust for Women
  • UWA Geoscience Foundation
  • Teach Green Charitable Foundation
  • Fugro
  • Trevor and Judy Eastwood
  • Ron and Lynette Kinnersly
  • Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation
  • Frankie Jessie Embleton Treatt
  • Alcoa Foundation
  • The McNamara Family
  • Glen Robertson
  • Women and Infants Research Foundation
  • The Law Society of WA
  • Mitsubishi Development
  • Verna Rowbotham
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA
  • Korea Foundation
  • Harry Leaver
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Heart Foundation WA
  • The Packard Humanities Institute
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Fiona Wood Foundation
  • Adrian and Michela Fini
  • Clinipath Pathology
  • David and Coral Mack
  • Stan and Jean Perron

Benefactor Wall Ceremonies

Wednesday 6 May 2015

The Launch of UWA's Benefactor Wall

On Wednesday 6 May 2015, The University of Western Australia held a commemorative event to acknowledge the foresight and remarkable support of the University’s significant donors.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Benefactor Stories

Mr Bob TelfordLife rich in opportunities founded on UWA education

In 2012 Bob Telford left in excess of $6 million to his beloved university.

Bob’s final gift to UWA was a true recognition of the life of opportunities that came from his UWA degree, and his bequest will have a significant impact on the establishment of EZONE UWA.

Through the generosity of people like Bob Telford, EZONE UWA will allow the engineers of tomorrow to study and work with the best minds from other disciplines to develop ways of managing precious resources, curing disease and building liveable cities.

“He had an appreciation of where he came from. He also had an appreciation of the education he received, but more so of the times he spent at UWA,” says Linton Lethlean, executor of Bob’s estate.

Bob had a passion for travel and he was keen to help others. During his lifetime, the engineer paid for the schooling of his friends’ children to give them a solid foundation in life.

Bob’s engineering studies were cut short by the outbreak of World War II and he only completed his degree at UWA after the war had ended, graduating in 1947. In leaving a bequest to his university, Bob’s visionary support will provide the leaders of tomorrow the opportunity to flourish with a UWA engineering education, just as he did.

UWA is pleased to honour Mr Bob Telford’s generosity by listing him on the Benefactor Wall.

The Zadko TelescopeFrontier space research supported by donors

James Zadko is known for his exploratory nature, having spent the majority of his adult life in the oil and gas industry around the globe. His passion for exploration, however, extends far beyond our planetary boundaries.

“Growing up in Canada, we had a lot of time to look at the night sky with no city lights. We grew up with the Gemini and Apollo projects which we watched circle the Earth over the years. I was hooked from as early as I can recall,” says James.

When the petroleum engineering expert heard about UWA’s study of the transient universe, uncharted skies and the tracking of hazardous asteroids, he was keen to become involved.

Through the Zadko family’s generous donation, UWA was able to purchase the Zadko Telescope, the largest of its kind in Western Australia when it was installed at a purpose-built facility in Gingin in 2008.

“The Zadko Telescope has provided a unique and valuable resource for local and international student training in research. The facility has become recognised internationally for its contribution to frontier research projects in space science and astronomy,” says Associate Professor David Coward, who leads the Zadko project.

UWA is pleased to be able to honour the Zadko family’s commitment to space exploration on the Benefactor Wall.

Dr Leonie ValentineInnovator supports life-changing research

“Jack wasn’t fortunate enough to attend university, but he was a skilled, self-taught engineer and designer with an agile brain,” says Max Slater of his cousin, Jack Tiddy.

A health inspector for his local council, Jack loved the land and followed in his pioneering family’s footsteps as a farm owner. He also loved the water and would swim for hours at his local beach.

Jack chose to invest in combatting diseases that impacted those he was close to: Jack’s wife, Doreen, lost her battle with cancer and her brother died of kidney disease.

Because of his love of learning, UWA was the beneficiary of Jack’s generosity. But it is people like cancer patient, Dr Leonie Valentine, whose lives really changed through Jack’s foresight.

“When somebody tells you that you have cancer, your whole life changes. I feel incredibly lucky that I’m being treated with some of the best medicine that we have, it’s at the cutting edge of medical research.

“At UWA, they’re looking at the next steps of the treatments so some I’m getting are still being trialled, but they will become standard practice. You only get that from people actively involved in research.” says Leonie.

Max and his wife, Barbara, are pleased that Jack will be recognised for his contribution to UWA through the Benefactor Wall.

“We know he would not have sought recognition for his gift, but we are proud to see it used to advance the tertiary education of future generations.”