The legacy of Mary Raine

Thanks to Mary Raine, people across Australia, and the world, continue to enjoy the benefits of UWA’s pioneering medical research.

Dr Shelley Gorman

Dr Shelley Gorman, Research Fellow and recipient of a Raine Foundation Grant, is conducting research into the effect of sunlight on modulating immunity and disease development.

In 1957, with help from our community, UWA established the State’s first medical school. The need for the medical school was great; today we have one doctor per 300 people – in the 1950s there was one doctor per 1100 people.

At the same time, local business woman and entrepreneur, Mary Raine, changed the course of medical history when she left her property empire to UWA. Mary’s gift, worth ₤1 million at the time and now valued at $37 million, established The Raine Medical Research Foundation.

The Foundation has supported scores of major medical research projects, including those of Fiona Stanley, Fiona Wood and Lyn Beasley. It has also funded two centres of excellence, established fellowships and scholarships, and fostered international collaboration, including major joint research ventures.

Mary’s memory lives on in the gratitude of strangers as her legacy continues to support life-changing discoveries.

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