Education overcomes terrible disadvantage

“Sometimes one lifetime isn't enough. Through the Generowicz Scholarship, Mirek is helping young people during his lifetime. By pledging to leave a bequest, Mirek has ensured that his scholarship will continue to support disadvantaged students. 

John Harriott

As an Aborginal person, I want a career that benefits my people. My ambition is to work in social justice and to protect human rights. The Generowicz Scholarship has allowed me to concentrate on what is most important - my studies - and I'm truly grateful for Mirek's incredible support and encouragement. 

Kelsi Forrest

"My Mother was seven years old in 1939 when the Russians invaded Poland. She, her brother and their mother were deported to Kazakhstan to work as slave labourers, while her father was taken as a political prisoner. He died in captivity," says donor and bequestor, Mirek Generowicz. 

Mirek's father ws just 16 in 1944 when he was captured as a prisoner of war by the Germans.

After the war Mirek's parents both received scholarships to study at university in the UK. It was only the generosity of strangers that enabled them each to gain an education and to start a new life. 

"My life has been so easy in comparison. I completed a degree in engineering at UWA in the days when tertiary education was completely free," says Mirek. 

"Education is such a powerful enabler. It allows people to achieve so much more of their potential. The Generowicz Scholarship is aimed specifically at enabling people from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds to complete an education at UWA."

Meeting the students who have received the scholarship named in his family's honour has been a moving experience for Mirek and the recipients.

"The students who have received the Generowicz Scholarship are such inspiring individuals. I was so impressed to see how keen they are to help others less fortunate than themselves. It is a real privilege to be able to support them in achieving their goals," says Mirek. 

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