UWA alumni are helping to enrich the student experience in many ways. The Alumni Fund is one. Check out the most recent projects to be supported by the Alumni Fund. In total, $95,000 was awarded to seven grant projects in May 2017.

A multi-colour 3D scanner and printer, proposed by The School of Human Sciences, will allow the production of high quality, low-cost anatomical models. A vast improvement over the current reliance on outdated plastic models, students across campus will have access to this first-ever colour 3D printing capability.

Professor Stuart Bunt

(L-R) Mohamed Estai, Professor Stuart Bunt and Dr Michael Ovens photographed by Matthew Galligan

PhD student and project leader Mohamed Estai will be working with the School to create innovative learning resources for our future doctors, dentists and genetic scientists in training.

“Thanks to the support of an Alumni Fund grant, we can use the latest in technology to replace our outdated, plastic anatomical teaching collections with accurate, robust, multicolour 3D-scanned and printed models. This will enhance learning for students in medicine and human sciences, helping them to better visualise and understand human developmental processes,” explains Mohamed Estai.

The project is also committed to presenting the 3D-scanned models in virtual reality, enabling any student with an internet connection to access the enhanced learning resources, including medical students in remote and regional areas.

“The benefits of this grant project will extend far beyond the School of Human Sciences, with the use of 3D datasets – and its visualisation and production – having huge potential for application in many other disciplines, such as Engineering, Architecture and Visual Arts,” - says Professor Stuart Bunt, who co-leads the grant project.

Round 1 2017 Alumni Fund Grant Recipients

School of Human Sciences - Enhancing teaching in Science and Medicine 

Applying 3D printing and visualisation to enhance student learning

UWA Cultural Precinct - Living Lines: Big Draw at UWA

Engaging students and the community with the benefits of virtual drawing through multiple collaborative cross-faculty events

Transition Services, Student Experience - ConnectMe to Culture @ UWA

Connecting international and domestic students for multicultural exchange and to ease the transition to life in a new country

UWA Science Union - National Science Week 2017

Engaging youth and the community in science and technology through a weeklong series of activities 

MedDent Library Project Control Group - Medical Exhibits and Displays in the UWA Medical and Dental Library

Creating an interactive display that will allow students and the community to experience the evolution and impact of ‘medicine through history’ 

University Dramatic Society - University Dramatic Society Centenary Celebration

Celebrating 100 years of the University Dramatic Society student club through a series of community activities and events

School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering – Solar Pursuit UWA

Competition and community engagement through a student project to build solar cars